Light Line Converters

The beauty of fiber optics is that they can direct light into otherwise inaccessible locations, and they can shape the light into patterns that cannot be obtained elsewhere. A most popular example is our light line converters.

FSI Light Line Converters (Spot To Lines) provide a wide band of lighting in a compact package. They are used for numerous applications; from dust inspection on astronomical mirrors and semiconductor wafers, to fluorescent excitation of biological samples, to light collection and injection in spectrometers, to bonding cavities in teeth, to reading symbols on moving parts. They are used extensively in conjunction with CCD cameras where uniform transmission of light (as low as 2%) is essential to ensure even exposure. Scanning areas up to 25cm are easily and evenly illuminated.

Fiberoptic Systems 25+ years of fiber optic experience in the design and fabrication of Light Line Converters may be the solution you’ve been seeking. Call us and let us help you succeed.