Light Sources

Compact in design, these UL approved light sources feature a quartz-halogen lamp producing an intense, cool white light at 3350 Kelvin. These sources are quiet with minimum vibration, and offer full range dimming control for proper intensity adjustments. Other features include fan cooling for optimum bulb life (200 hours at 100% output, 400 hours at 80%) and easy access to lamp replacement.

FSI – 1060-150

150 Watt quartz halogen lamp with integral dichroic reflector focuses the max. light intensity onto the fiber optic bundle while reducing the IR wavelengths.

  • Heavy duty all metal construction, balanced to accommodate the use of heavy light
    guide accessories.
  • Heat dissipation through improved venting.
  • Ball-bearing fan for reduced vibration, reduced noise and extended equipment life.
  • Minimal light loss and reduced light spill.
  • A single “On/Off Intensity” control switch to increase lamp life.
  • Front-mounted output aperture to accommodate a variety of lightguides, secured by a socket cap screws to ensure a lock fit.
  • Easy access to lamp facilitates replacements without tools.
  • Rear mounted snap-out fuse.
  • Can be positioned on end for reduced table space.