Welcome to Fiberoptic Systems, Inc.

FSI is a California Licensed Device Manufacturer. We are freeway close to Los Angeles in Southern California

Standard Products

Our standard products include:

Bulk Fiber, Light Sources, Light line converters (spot to line), Ringlights, and Standard Light Guides...

Custom Assemblies

Custom Fiberoptic Assemblies

FSI manufactures high quality custom fiberoptic assemblies for specific applications. Examples are medical...

Technical Information

Technical Information

If you don't have any experience with fibers or don't know what you want, we can help. Many of...

Fiberoptic Systems, Inc. is a leading company in the field of fiber optic applications. We manufacture a vast array of OEM products used to measure chemical compositions, perform medical procedures, measure color/physical properties, and quantify radiance in the ultra-violet(UV), visible, and infrared (IR) regions of the spectrum.

The flexibility afforded by fiber optics enables an unlimited number of solutions in semiconductor, entertainment, spectroscopy, military, microscopy, medical, and machine vision markets.

Since 1982 we have worked with borosilicate, fused silica (quartz), fluoride, silver halide, chalcogenide, and plastic optical fibers. The bulk of the fibers we use in our assemblies are manufactured in-house.

From prototype to production, UV to IR, cryogenic to high temperature, short to long, we will help design a solution to fit your budgetary, timing, and quality requirements.