Fiber Loss Calculators

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  Glass Fused Silica Plastic      
Typical Index of Refraction 1.58 1.46 1.49      
Typical Attenuation (dB/Meter) 0.67 0.01 0.27    
Actual index and attenuation values depend on wavelength and are available from the manufacturer.  
Fiber Internal Transmission Fiber Length (Meters) Attenuation (dB/m) Total Internal Tx (%)    
(Three calculations provided for comparison)    
Internal Transmission is the loss within the fiber itself.  
Surface Reflection Loss at Normal Incidence Index of Refraction Air Index % Loss/ Surface % Tx dB Loss/ Surface %Tx 2 Surfaces    
Reflection losses can be reduced with Anti-Reflection coatings or Index Matching Gel.  
Fiber Bundle External Transmission Packing Fraction (85% Typ) Clad Diameter (um) Core Diameter (um) Clad/Core Area Ratio Reflectivity (Tx2 from above) Total Internal Tx (from above) Total External Tx (%)  
(Three calculations provided for comparing fiber diameters and attenuation)  
External Transmission includes packing, cladding, reflection, and fiber losses. Packing refers to the interstitial areas of the bundle.  
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