Unit Converters

Always use the same units (inches or mm) in each calculation (unless indicated). Enter your numbers into the light blue-colored cells. To recalculate, press the TAB key, or click in another blue box, or click the Update button. Other formulas you’d like to see?


Note: Turn phone horizontal for best results.

Tx/dB Converter %Tx dB dB %Tx  
The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit widely used in the telecom industry.  
Temperature Converter Celsius Fahrenheit Kelvin Untitled-1 Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin  
Convert Feet Feet Inches mm Meters  
Convert mm mm Inches Feet Microns  
Convert meters Meters Feet Inches mm  
NA/Angle/F# Converter NA Angle/2 Angle F#   Angle NA    
By convention, lenses are specified by F# and fibers are specified by NA. F# NA